Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Gems!

Because I haven't blogged quite as regularly as I first anticipated, I have a lot of photos on my camera and phone that I was hoping to post .Now, if they sit there I will feel weighed down and feel like I have to post them before their newer counterparts, and hence will probably be posting December's photos in March. So I have decided to clear them out to make room for future up to date, regular blogging.



A visit to my dad's new farm house in Country Victoria saw me clicking the camera every chance I could get.  The kitchen has been renovated but this beauliful old wood stove still stands tall.  And while I'm talking of standing tall, the photo on the right is of the old mulberry tree in the back yard. ( I cant wait until we can get covered in purple mulberry juice at picking time).

This little blue wren picture is on a panel of the front door. Very cute!
The garden was beautiful, and quite calming.  And with snips in hand I took to taking cuttings of some of these little gems!

With some pots that I had hidden in the shed, some potting mix and a little time.  This is how the cuttings turned out.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Super Super Sunday

What a treasure I stumbled across on Sunday. I was visiting family in Country Victoria and called into a little Antique shop that I had heard about but had only ever driven past. And WOW!!! Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, full of amazing things. I had a very, very limited amount of time to spend in this maze of treasures, so headed straight to the 'linen room'. 

I am in love with this vintage curtain! I think it might become a cushion for my lounge.
I don't think I could bring myself to cut it up!

This old curtain's destiny is to become a skirt for ME!

This tablecloth screams Skirt! Skirt! Skirt!

There was so much that I didn't even get a glimpse of.I am already planning my next visit; I think I will need to set aside around 2-3 hours.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Floral Edge Xmas Sale

Candy Sticks

Master 'P's asthma was playing up on Friday, so he stayed home from school so that I could keep an eye on him. While at home we got out the playdough and he created a 'Candy Stick Stall". Mmmm delicious.

 The Stall

 The Sign

 The cup is for your donations!

The Beach

The last two weeks of very warm weather has seen us at the beach quite a bit. I love living close to the beach, it always seems to reinvigorate your senses after a scorching melt your mind kind of day. Master 'N' loves to surf, in the last few weeks Master 'P' has learnt to surf and today Miss 'E' tried to surf with Dad for the first time.

Miss 'E' & Dad

Master 'N'

Off to Adelaide

Wow almost a week has passed since I last posted anything. I had big plans of blogging every day, well that didn't take long to go out the window. This week has been really busy though, if that makes for a good excuse.
Wednesday saw Master 'P' and I travel to the big smoke (Adelaide) for his Allergy Specialist appointment. The Allergy SA Clinic is within walking distance to 'The Parade' Norwood, which makes a lovely treat after we leave the Doctors. Coffee, clothes, homewares and toy shops are scattered along the Parade, but my favourite little gem is an Op shop that is situated behind a beautiful old church. This Op shop is only a small block away from Master 'P's Doctors clinic, so we get to visit while we are both feeling energetic.
I found some wonderful little treats, a skirt for myself, a ladies shirt that I will refashion into a summer dress for Miss 'E' (hopefully), some knitting patterns and my favourite find for the day a crochet rug.

There was a big pile of them, and now I kick myself for not buying more.

This was my favourite, I think I might sew on some ribbon just to add a little more 'red'.

Norwood has lots of lovely old buildings and even Master 'P' commented on this one as we walked past. So I thought it would be worthy of a photo.

We also found a beautiful little shop called Eclat Interiors, it looked so perfect. I had to take some littke pics.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Fabric

Today I was a very excited girl when I collected the mail. I love it when I open the post box and a little red and white slip is looking out at me, telling me I have something that wouldn't fit into the post box waiting for me inside. Well, waiting for me was a big envelope filled with fabric swatches! I know that probably doesn't sound as exciting as I have made out, but these fabric swatches are for two fabrics I’ve been searching for (for a very long time) and I have finally found a company who has them. Look out new dress designs, now they can finally move off the paper and into reality. Yay! for yummy fabric

Monday, November 16, 2009

From the Sewing Room

Just a few pics of what has been passing through the sewing room.

This little top didn't stay around for long, as soon as it was finished it was wrapped up and given to Little Miss 'E's beautiful friend Phoebe for her 4th Birthday.

Print Gocco

I have finally opened the Print gocco box.  It has been sitting in my office for weeks now and I have been avoiding it.  So late one night I set up in the lounge room (not enough room in the office) and had a play. Now I am addicted! It was great fun, my mind is working overtime, constantly thinking of things that I can screen print (this may be dangerous).  I love this little tree.

 I think I might add some ribbon and turn these into little book bags.

There's no time like the present!

I have been saying for quite a while now that I should start a blog, well here I am. I have my "L" plates on, as the world of blogging is different when it is you that's behind the wheel. I want to share photos and thoughts of my {creative pursuits} and everyday life that is going on around me. I will admit now, that there are many creative areas that I love to dabble in but writing (grammar, punctuation etc.) are not in my strong ability portfolio. So I am confessing now that this blog may be at times not grammatically correct nor punctuated to the finest point, but there is a reason for this, maybe you could call it an excuse but I am a picture not words kind of person. I am the kind of person who feels weighed down with the thought of reading a novel (because of the terrible lack of coloured pictures) but feels enlightened, relaxed and creative with just the thought of the new Country Style, Real Living, or House Garden magazine. And yes, children's books rate very highly on my must read lists (it’s all of those beautiful, colourful pictures, and maybe the slight influence of Master 'N', Master 'P' and little miss 'E' who can never pass up a lovely story.