Monday, November 16, 2009

There's no time like the present!

I have been saying for quite a while now that I should start a blog, well here I am. I have my "L" plates on, as the world of blogging is different when it is you that's behind the wheel. I want to share photos and thoughts of my {creative pursuits} and everyday life that is going on around me. I will admit now, that there are many creative areas that I love to dabble in but writing (grammar, punctuation etc.) are not in my strong ability portfolio. So I am confessing now that this blog may be at times not grammatically correct nor punctuated to the finest point, but there is a reason for this, maybe you could call it an excuse but I am a picture not words kind of person. I am the kind of person who feels weighed down with the thought of reading a novel (because of the terrible lack of coloured pictures) but feels enlightened, relaxed and creative with just the thought of the new Country Style, Real Living, or House Garden magazine. And yes, children's books rate very highly on my must read lists (it’s all of those beautiful, colourful pictures, and maybe the slight influence of Master 'N', Master 'P' and little miss 'E' who can never pass up a lovely story.


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