Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Gems!

Because I haven't blogged quite as regularly as I first anticipated, I have a lot of photos on my camera and phone that I was hoping to post .Now, if they sit there I will feel weighed down and feel like I have to post them before their newer counterparts, and hence will probably be posting December's photos in March. So I have decided to clear them out to make room for future up to date, regular blogging.



A visit to my dad's new farm house in Country Victoria saw me clicking the camera every chance I could get.  The kitchen has been renovated but this beauliful old wood stove still stands tall.  And while I'm talking of standing tall, the photo on the right is of the old mulberry tree in the back yard. ( I cant wait until we can get covered in purple mulberry juice at picking time).

This little blue wren picture is on a panel of the front door. Very cute!
The garden was beautiful, and quite calming.  And with snips in hand I took to taking cuttings of some of these little gems!

With some pots that I had hidden in the shed, some potting mix and a little time.  This is how the cuttings turned out.


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