Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long time, no see

I am sorry little blog for the lack of attention I have showed you, the sheer abandonment and complete lack of love. I promise I will change, make more time for you and fit you into my everyday life.

The kitchen and my new found hobby (like I need another one) crochet, have been taking up quite a big slice of my time.  Lemon cordial and Lemon Butter have been among my favourite kitchen sessions, followed closely by flicking through the pages of my op shop find  "AUSTRALIAN COOKERY OF TODAY - ILLUSTRATED". This book has 512 pages and can be quite entertaining to read as well as being full of beautiful "old fashioned" recipes.

Now, crochet is one thing that I have said on many occasions that I do not need to learn!  Well I have blown that theory out of the water.  I have learnt and I love it!  Below are some photos of my first of many crochet granny squares.

And just to explain before you ask "what is with all of the parsley photos?" 
I have found that I can grow parsley like a professional (or maybe it's just really easy to grow).  I am going to stick with the professional theory because it makes me feel more accomplished.  Now, because of my over abundance of parsley and under abundance of beautiful flowers (I'm not so good at growing them) , I have chosen to use my parsley as a cut flower and display it with pride in my kitchen.  And I have found that it looks much better in a vase (mostly an old preserving jar) than silver beet!

Photos from the kitchen