Monday, November 23, 2009

Off to Adelaide

Wow almost a week has passed since I last posted anything. I had big plans of blogging every day, well that didn't take long to go out the window. This week has been really busy though, if that makes for a good excuse.
Wednesday saw Master 'P' and I travel to the big smoke (Adelaide) for his Allergy Specialist appointment. The Allergy SA Clinic is within walking distance to 'The Parade' Norwood, which makes a lovely treat after we leave the Doctors. Coffee, clothes, homewares and toy shops are scattered along the Parade, but my favourite little gem is an Op shop that is situated behind a beautiful old church. This Op shop is only a small block away from Master 'P's Doctors clinic, so we get to visit while we are both feeling energetic.
I found some wonderful little treats, a skirt for myself, a ladies shirt that I will refashion into a summer dress for Miss 'E' (hopefully), some knitting patterns and my favourite find for the day a crochet rug.

There was a big pile of them, and now I kick myself for not buying more.

This was my favourite, I think I might sew on some ribbon just to add a little more 'red'.

Norwood has lots of lovely old buildings and even Master 'P' commented on this one as we walked past. So I thought it would be worthy of a photo.

We also found a beautiful little shop called Eclat Interiors, it looked so perfect. I had to take some littke pics.

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