Monday, June 7, 2010

Trash to Treasure

We are currently building a new house, and I am constantly on the look out for that "right" piece of furniture. A little visit to St Vinnies saw me leave a very happy lady.

This little nest of tables look a little tired but I have a plan!!!

And after a little bit of love, this is what they look like now.  Sorry about the bad photo, I will post some better ones soon.


  1. I love what youve done Mel! They look great!
    I so want a little girl so i can dress her up in all your beautiful clothes, your very talented. I think you know which one is my favourite :) Say hi to the kids for me and Shan! xx Hayley

  2. Casey bought mum and dad a similar set for christmas, but they were just a dark wood, not funky colours. I'm willing to bet you paid a lot less than she did...